Hydro-Jet – Back to your natural balance.

The key word is Hydro-Jetting – the new, fascinating form of complete relaxation for body, spirit and soul. An innovative new technology concept for improved fitness and resilience. It mediates simultaneously the main elements of a classic massage, an underwater massage and a heat treatment.

When the body is harmonised, it loosens the musculature and the blood circulation is improved. It produces a heightened feeling of well-being, which is the best prerequisite for coping in everyday life. Programmes from gentle massages to forceful kneading are possible. Unfavourable influences on sensitive regions of the body are excluded, as are unpleasant side effects.

20 minutes which transform you.
During this activating interplay of water, heat, force and movement, a small miracle will occur within a fascinating 15 minutes. Regular Hydro-Jetting thus leads to freshness and to a build-up of strength; beauty from the inside, serenity on the outside; a balanced condition.

Relaxation and recovery.
Hydro-Jetting offers you the chance to break through the vicious circle of backache and muscular tension.