In the middle of million-year old salt from Pakistan, the so-called Himalaya salt, you can experience a unique mineral microclimate only to be found in salt mines or along the sea coast, and which has a highly positive effect on the skin, the respiratory system and general well-being.

The walls made of roughly-hewn salt bricks are gently backlit in different colours, which very quickly mediates a feeling of calm and relaxation in connection with pleasant sounds of the sea.

In addition, an ultrasonic nebuliser generates a velvety-fine saline mist. Microfine aerosols are inhaled via the noise and mouth, which frees the bronchi and the alveoli pleasantly from slime and secretions. In addition, the air is enriched with negative ions.

Spending time in the salt grotto is therefore highly recommended for taking deep breaths, relaxing and getting away from everyday cares.