Our saline bath in a uniquely-beautiful bathing landscape with wonderfully relaxing water massage, heat therapy beds, an special-effect shower, a generously-sized calm area and a sunbathing meadow.
The saline bath (32°C) is bathing water enriched with sea salt from the Dead Sea. It improves the skin circulation, increases the body’s defence and is pleasant for the skin.

Particularly effective in case of joint and spine illnesses such as arthroses and rheumatic complaints. A saline bath can be recommended for general strengthening of the immune system and for detoxification of the body.
It provides you with excellent, weightless bathing enjoyment.

The application of water from the Dead Sea has also long been considered beneficial in beauty applications.

The energy saline bath is open daily from 9:00 hrs to 20:00 hrs, and is very popular with our guests. Look forward to warm baths at all times of the year.

Enjoy moments of complete relaxation with quiet music, surrounded by unique wall paintings.

Welcome to well-being.