Why is oxygen so important?

Oxygen is considered an elixir of life, as oxygen is the prerequisite for energy. Energy is required for all life processes within our bodies. Therefore it is understandable that health, performance capability and well-being are bound to an optimum energy potential.

If there is a lack of oxygen, there is generally also a lack of energy!

As we age, our oxygen partial pressure reduces, because the natural performance capability of the lungs, heart and circulation are reduced. This happens all the more quickly the more people are subjected to diverse stresses. Therefore environmental pollutants, stress, stimulant toxins, obesity and a lack of exercise can exacerbate oxygen deficits even in younger people.

What are the signs of oxygen deficits?

If you feel tired, defeated, listless and limp; if you have trouble concentrating or if you get angry about almost everything; if you feel that you are consumed by a feeling or powerlessness and a drop in performance; these are all palpable signs of pending oxygen deficits.

The effect of the oxygen application is not bound to a certain age. Every healthy person can profit through an oxygen application for their health, vitality, performance and well-being.