DThe permanent shower – state of the art water therapy.

The treatment principle: The effect of water as a fine spray heated to 37°C – 38°C on the body creates a highly pleasant feeling.

How the permanent shower works: completely unclothed, your entire body is massaged gently by the water section by section like a full-body air bath. At the same time, this influence from the permanent shower creates localised warming due to improved blood circulation with activation of the oxygen exchange. The training effect is produced completely naturally and gently as the vessels constrict.
The nerve ends in the skin also react to the thermal and mechanical effects of the water, and subsequently activate their assigned organs.
The direct influence of the water on the skin is particularly effective. Its functions are activated through the thorough cleaning and massage. Breathing becomes more free and intensive. The organism as a whole is harmonised through improvements caused by these enhancements in function. This cleansing and revitalising special form of water application has become extremely popular.

Enjoy the permanent shower!